Being able to successfully predict future events is what separates the winners from the losers. Here is our guide on to be a winner. The tools/tactics below are ordered from easiest to most advanced.

Know when the expected Bitcoin halving is

Buy when everyone has forgotten about Bitcoin and sell when you see Bitcoin mentioned in daily conversation. One way to gauge interest is to check the global interest on Google trends here link.

Hash rate

Determine levels of support, resistance and trading liquidity

Check the futures market to determine whether the majority of the market is predicting for the price to appreciate or depreciate. The masses generally predict the correct outcome, however if the interest rate to borrow Bitcoin is to high in either direction the market is ready for a correction. If you notice a high interest rate of .05% or higher on an exchange like Bitmex, the price is due for a correction. This is because even if the masses are correctly predicting the price of Bitcoin, they will still lose money because of the high interest rate they have to pay every 8 hours. Even if you don’t trade futures markets, it’s important to pay attention because these markets are the most liquid and creates stability in assets due to the interest rate dynamic.

If you want to be a winner, you have to recognize what game you are playing and who you are playing against. When betting in any game whether it’s poker, the stock market or Bitcoin remember that you are playing a zero sum game. This means that in order to win someone has to lose. Before trying to correctly predict the price of Bitcoin determine if this is a game you want to play. If so generally the most patient and liquid investors win.

Be a winner!