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Bitcoin Course

Grow Wealth and Strengthen Sovereignty

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If you want to grow wealth you must own equity in an asset that appreciates in value or generates cash flow. Cash tends to depreciate over time and the price of tangible assets such as real estate, stocks, gold and Bitcoin far outpace the modest rise of most salaries.

Bitcoin was by far the best performing asset this past decade and this trend should continue as more people continue to contribute more time and resources to the Bitcoin economy. The Bitcoin Course was created to be a quick and reliable way to learn the fundamentals of Bitcoin so you can save your money in an asset that will appreciate over time against government issued currencies.

You can watch the first video in the course, “What Makes Bitcoin Valuable Relative To Other Assets” for free by clicking on the “Enroll Now” button.  


Adrian Childers

Course Objective

You will learn where to buy Bitcoin as well as how to safely store it yourself so you don’t have to trust or rely on third party brokers or exchanges. Not everybody has to store their own money, but we teach you how many of the popular digital wallets work for those that would like to maintain custody of their money. The industry standard for individuals storing cryptocurrency is to use 12, 18 or 24 seed words in a specific order. This course will help you to create your own proprietary digital safe to safely store your money.

We also provide you with a solid foundation on the fundamentals of blockchains, cryptography, open source development, alternative cryptocurrencies and more so that you can feel confident when attending conferences, talking to developers or educating your own family, friends and coworkers. No need to be intimidated, this course is not intended for computer programmers.    

Course Contents:

  • What Gives Bitcoin Value
  • Buying Bitcoin: Exchanges and Beyond
  • How Bitcoin Works As A Bearer Asset
  • How Crypto Transactions Work and What It Means To “Own” Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Nodes Explained
  • Anonymity and Pseudonymity In Cryptocurrencies Explained
  • Balancing Security and Convenience
  • Consensus Algorithms
  • Bitcoin: An Open Source Protocol
  • Forks and Understanding the Scaling Debate

  • Balance of Power In Distributed Systems of Governance
  • Cryptography: How Private Keys and Public Addresses Are Created
  • Variations of Bitcoin Wallets and How Each Work
  • Mining: Distributing Money and Securing the Network
  • Why Mining May Actually Be Good For the Environment
  • Why Bitcoin Won’t Die
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid So You Don’t Lose Your Fortune
  • Avoiding Scam Offerings: Technology Over Hype
  • The Promise of Blockchain and Other Potential Applications
  • Blockchain Industry: Jobs and Continued Learning

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    Why now is a great time to buy Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin was launched over eleven years ago and since then thousands of programmers and developers have tested the code for security. The Bitcoin blockchain is one of the few computer networks that has proven immune to hacking.

    Bitcoin was by far the best performing asset this past decade and still has the potential for 10X returns as it could likely join other trillion dollar asset classes such as gold. Bitcoin’s market cap is already over 100 Billion dollars but individuals can still invest before major institutional investors such as insurance, pension, endowment and sovereign wealth funds.

    Bitcoin is the first technology/protocol in human history you can invest in just like a private company. It is akin to investing directly in inventions such as fire, the printing press, telephone or the internet.

    Buying Bitcoin is open to anyone globally in any amount as opposed to many other assets that are reserved only for institutional investors.

    Every other real world asset from real estate, stocks and bonds is overpriced due to years of low interest rates. Bitcoin is the only undervalued asset and companies such as brokers and exchanges are gearing up for the upcoming influx of cash.

    Why buy The Bitcoin Course?

    Everything you will learn in this course is available for free online.  It is just a bit more difficult and time consuming to navigate through the information that is incorrect, biased or outright fraudulent. Through this paid course my only obligation is to give you, the student the most up to date and relevant information so you may best understand the crypto market and be confident that you are using the industry’s best practices to keep your Bitcoin secure.

    If you are investing very small amounts in crypto it may be more beneficial for you to scour the web to learn how to keep your Bitcoin safe. It’s ok to leave small amounts of money on established cryptocurrency exchanges while taking your time to learn how to properly secure Bitcoin yourself. Our goal is to spread knowledge, not sell a course.

    For investors looking for a trusted and comprehensive course to understand the crypto market this video series will rapidly teach you the best security practices so you can remain confident your Bitcoin is secure. Although the Bitcoin blockchain has never been hacked, individual investors have lost fortunes due to hacked exchanges, bad investments, bad security practices and numerous types of scrupulous and convincing scams. Save yourself the heartbreak of losing a fortune by learning the best security practices to keeping your money safe.

    If you are not 100% satisfied with the course we will give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

    * See refund page for details