Cryptocurrencies and prison reform
Everyone now agrees on the real need for prison reform and if anyone in the bitcoin industry deserves to be freed from jail it is Ross Ulbricht. If cryptocurrency companies are in fact interested in showing their long history in the industry, the best way to do so is by showing their support for Ross on the homepage of their websites, at industry events and by sharing his story with customers. Even the most popular and highly regulated businesses have everything to gain and nothing to lose by showing their support to free Ross. As more people begin to regularly use cryptocurrencies they will learn Ross’s story and with time he will be freed just as other political prisoners and pioneers that were also ahead of their time.

About Ross
Ross Ulbricht grew up in Austin, TX and understood the potential of bitcoin before most even knew it existed. He fights for personal freedom and free trade and in his fight to create a society based on voluntaryism ended up suffering the full consequences of state violence. He was sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in creating the popular Silk Road website which connected buyers and sellers offering a variety of products. Although many of the products sold on the Silk Road are illegal in many jurisdictions, Ross had no involvement in what was being traded and could not have predicted how it would be used during its short lived existence.

What we do know about the Silk Road website is that there were many administrators, including corrupt agents working for the NSA, DEA and Secret Service who were convicted for their role in the website. In the end though it was Ross who would be made an example of so that a handful of bureaucrats could score political points.

Path To Freedom
Ross Ulbricht’s family has shown unwavering support for him and others that are serving long unjust sentences for non violent crimes. Barring a physical prison escape, the only way Ross will achieve freedom now is through a presidential pardon. A pardon will only be achieved by making his and other cases like his impossible to ignore. Anyone who cares about personal freedom and criminal justice reform must educate congressmen and the media about Ross. No cryptocurrency event should ever take place without educating participants about Ross Ulbricht. The entire cryptocurrency industry owes the Ulbrict family a concerted effort to free Ross as he was the first person to demonstrate the primary application and use case of blockchain technology which is its use as money.

At Distributed Financial a portion of the proceeds of every bitcoin course sold funds Ross Ulbricht’s family and other prison reform initiatives. Once Ross is free and back with his family, hopefully you and your company will be able to say you did you part to free the bitcoin pioneer. Learn more about Ross Ulbricht at FreeRoss.org.