Long Term Financial Planning

Everyone deserves an opportunity to invest at least a small amount in cryptocurrencies for long term financial planning. If you are an employer looking to provide your employees with a way to save cryptocurrencies rather than traditional retirement plans contact Distributed Financial to learn how to get started. If you are an employee interested in saving crypto for your retirement have your employer invite Adrian Childers to your office to teach you and your coworkers how to buy and safely store cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with strong development teams are likely to continue appreciating in value vs other real world assets for the following reasons:

  1. Bitcoin has a fixed supply and is created and distributed transparently for the world to see.
  2. More and more developers continue to dedicate their careers to making cryptocurrencies easier to use which will allow more people to participate in these economies. Those that enter first will see the greatest benefit.
  3. Saving bitcoin is easier and safer than investing in other assets because you don’t have to trust anyone except for yourself to safely store your money.
  4. There are no recurring fees or penalties for withdrawing your own money when you need it as there are with traditional financial products such as 401K’s and IRA’s.

Companies have traditionally offered benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans to attract and retain the most talented employees. Traditional retirement plans, however have become less exciting to potential employees while many view cryptocurrencies as a safer alternative with more potential when saving for retirement. Traditional financial plans are also difficult and expensive for employers to set up and there are limitation to what employees are allowed to do with their own money.

Employers looking to help their employees save for retirement using cryptocurrencies will attract talent looking to work with the most innovative companies. Because cryptocurrencies allow individuals to maintain custody of their own money, there are many options to help employees start a crypto retirement plan. Adrian Childers is available to speak to your company’s employees to show them how to get started investing and safely storing cryptocurrencies or a more hands on approach with ongoing support is available as well. Call Distributed Financial today to get started at 305-704-0306.


Cryptocurrencies are backed and issued by open source software. They are not issued by geopolitical governments and they are not insured. You are solely responsible for securely storing your money. Like any asset it may lose value vs other currencies or real world assets.